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Sports Communication and Artificial intelligence Technology Application Reform Methods

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.058


Jianxin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jianxin Zhang


In 2017, China issued the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" and proposed a major strategy for the development of artificial intelligence. In the same year, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada included artificial intelligence at the height of their national strategy, striving to become an artificial intelligence power. Most researchers analyze the influence of artificial intelligence era on sports news from the news articles written by robots. When artificial intelligence is introduced to news dissemination, the traditional news production method is broken, where will the news dissemination industry go, and where will news dissemination practitioners follow these questions it is worth studying. Robots can replace ordinary news reports, showing a new upgrade in the field of news communication, and also have an impact on the traditional journalism. On the basis of analyzing the influence of new media on sports news dissemination, this paper studies the difficulties and conditions of sports news dissemination, so as to improve the quality of sports news dissemination, meet the needs of sports news dissemination and achieve the goal of high-quality news dissemination.


Artificial intelligence, Sports news, information technology