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Potential assessment of urban roof greening resources and analysis of Greening Strategies

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.056


Bin Wang

Corresponding Author

Bin Wang


Roof greening is an important strategic choice for modern cities to improve the ecological environment and alleviate the negative impact of human activities in high-density built-up areas. Reducing the energy consumption of urban buildings has become an effective way to improve the green coverage. Building age, load-bearing structure, roof property and roof microclimate are the main suitable elements for urban roof greening. Eight influencing factors, including building age, building structure, roof structure, roof function, roof slope, equipment area, building height and shade condition, are the key indicators to determine the potential of urban roof greening resources. Utilize 8 key influencing factors to evaluate its greening resource potential, so as to evaluate the resource potential of roof greening. The development and utilization of a large number of roof green spaces in the city to expand the urban green area, increase the amount of green, improve the urban heat island and dry island effect, reduce building energy consumption, and alleviate the contradiction between construction land and green land. The focus of urban greening.


Urban roof greening, Resource potential assessment, Greening strategy