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Adult Education Promotes Labor Transfer and Re-employment under the New Normal

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.052


Yanlei Si, Yaxi Wen

Corresponding Author

Yanlei Si


In recent years, although China's new urbanization construction has made great progress, the cultural quality and technical level of China's agricultural transfer labor force are generally low and lack of labor skills, which still cannot meet the requirements of high-quality personnel in the new urbanization construction. As far as the current situation is concerned, with the rapid development of China's society and economy, China's rural social transformation will accelerate rural urbanization, and a large number of rural laborers will transfer in an orderly and rapid manner. The research on the function and path of adult education to promote the re-employment of agricultural transfer labor force is undoubtedly of great practical significance for accelerating the citizenization of agricultural transfer labor force, increasing the new urban human resources and promoting the sustainable development of new urbanization. Adult education must play its own functional role, not only to improve the re-employment ideological understanding and vocational skills of the agricultural transfer labor force, but also to improve the employment rate of the agricultural transfer labor force through order-based training, so as to shoulder its due responsibility for promoting the new urbanization process.


Urbanization, Labour force, Employment rate, Adult education