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Countermeasures for the Influence of Internet Public Opinion from the Perspective of Public Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.050


Shaoyan Song

Corresponding Author

Shaoyan Song


With the deepening of China’s democratic political construction and the awakening of civic awareness, the expectation and appeal of participating in public management affairs have reached an unprecedented level. Under the background of new media, some information has the characteristics of timeliness and interactivity in the process of dissemination and generation, which plays a good guiding role for the mainstream ideology in society. Nowadays, the use of the Internet has entered every household. People can not only know all kinds of new things happening every day from the Internet, but also express their opinions on the Internet. However, many bad netizens often launch some bad public opinions under the social news, which causes other people’s sensation and leads to social instability. This paper starts with the analysis of the significance and corresponding characteristics of the current network news public opinion, and then analyzes the problems existing in the current network public opinion management in public management, and puts forward some practical solutions.


Network public opinion, public administration, new media