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The influence of peer feedback on students' German writing teaching under different grouping conditions

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.049


Mingqi Wu

Corresponding Author

Mingqi Wu


Foreign language teaching is an old topic. The academic circles have been studying it, but still can not get satisfactory results, which has affected the cultivation of foreign language talents in China, and even the promotion of China's international competitiveness. With the further promotion of foreign language teaching reform, higher requirements are put forward for German teaching. As an important part of German teaching, writing needs further and effective teaching reform to improve students' German writing ability. German writing, as one of the basic skills in German learning, is the key and difficult point in German teaching. German writing course is a comprehensive course. Combined with the questionnaire survey, this paper analyzes the feasibility of implementing peer feedback in German writing teaching, and expects this method to be popularized to promote the further reform of German teaching.


Peer feedback, Group type, German writing