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Translation Strategies of Metaphors in French Translation from the Perspective of Cultural Differences

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.043


Jingli Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jingli Zhao


Proverbs in French are very rich, which are not only a linguistic phenomenon, but also a part of the cultural wealth of the French nation, because the rich French proverbs reflect the philosophy of life, moral concepts, code of conduct and local customs of the French nation from various aspects. In view of the strong national cultural connotation of metaphor, translation activities have encountered many obstacles. In order to break through language barriers, re-integration is often used in Chinese translation to realize the interlingual transformation of the meaning of language units. Based on some typical examples from the perspective of cultural differences, this paper discusses the differences between French proverbs and Chinese proverbs from the perspectives of living habits, ways of thinking, history and culture, so as to provide some reference and help for the correct understanding and translation of French proverbs.


Cultural differences, French translation, French proverbs, Translation strategies