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Research on The Construction of Ideology Education System of University Courses and Its Realization

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.041


Tingting Hou

Corresponding Author

Tingting Hou


As the forefront of Ideology education, colleges and universities must face up to the law of physical and mental development of young students, and provide ideological guidance in the process of understanding the world and accepting the baptism of correct world outlook, so as to make every young student perfect his personality, purify his mind, sharpen his character and improve his ability to deal with affairs. Through the ideology classroom construction, cultivate and practice the socialist core values, guide students to fasten the first button of life, and truly realize the cultivation of morality and wisdom for social is mBody beauty is the successor and builder of all-round development. With the continuous improvement of the system of higher education, the corresponding curriculum reform has also been developed to some extent. The development of ideology courses in colleges and universities can play a positive role in the improvement of college students' own personality and the formation of their values, and students' thoughts will change imperceptibly. However, due to the backward teaching methods and concepts of ideology courses, it is difficult to arouse students' interest in learning. This paper focuses on the necessity and existing problems of the construction of "course ideology" in colleges and universities, and further discusses the optimization path of the construction of "course ideology", hoping to provide theoretical reference for the construction of "course ideology" in colleges and universities.


Young students, higher education, ideology education