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The dilemma and breakthrough of International Chinese Language Education under the background of SINO-US game

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.039


Qi Wang

Corresponding Author

Qi Wang


In China, with the rapid development of the international communication of Chinese in recent years, the study of language communication is also developing rapidly. From the macro study of the law of language communication to the study of specific languages such as English and Chinese, especially in the field of Chinese communication, there are many achievements, but they are still not perfect. It can be seen that the academic research of Chinese language communication and the practice of Chinese international communication promote each other. As a part of the national strategy, Chinese international communication should not only pay attention to the content, but also consider the role of communication subject and audience, so as to use the media to promote the overseas communication of language. In the face of Sino-US trade friction, China's bottom line is that opening up is OK and reform is OK, but the bottom line can't be changed, and the aspects that can be changed should come at China's own pace, and China's independent development path needs to be mastered by ourselves. The key to independent development is to rely on China to have more leading fields in scientific and technological innovation, which will drive the transformation and upgrading of China's economy.


Sino-US game, Chinese international communication, Strategy