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Research on Flipped Classroom Online Teaching Method of College English

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.037


Dang Feifei

Corresponding Author

Dang Feifei


with the popularity of online education, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19, increasingly more students or schools choose to study or teach online. In order to provide a new teaching and learning notion for them, the author tends to explore a new mode of online college English teaching to guarantee the students’ learning effect while guaranteeing the progress and quality of teaching by studying the flipped classroom online teaching method of college English based on a platform called Zhihuishu. This study is conducted from three dimensions, pre-class preparation, in-class activities and after-class evaluation, based on the college English classes of Liaoning Communication University and is expected to offer a reference for the future mixed information-based or pure online teaching.


Online teaching, college English, flipped classroom