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Performance Evaluation Method of Business English Teaching Based on Language Economics

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.036


Xiansui Kong

Corresponding Author

Xiansui Kong


Both the change of current teaching methods and modes of business English and the combination of language teaching and business ability are the key to the reform of business English teaching. However, the current BE (Business English) education in China is in a state of disconnection between English and business knowledge. The curriculum does not correspond to the professional needs, and even cannot meet the corresponding requirements. Without the knowledge and professional skills that business English majors should possess, they cannot meet the requirements of employers for talents engaged in international business. This article mainly evaluates the current situation of business English teaching, the development process of language economics and the improvement measures of business English education, in the hope that Chinese business English colleges can adopt scientific teaching methods to improve the enthusiasm and professional level of students.


BE (Business English), language economy, improvement measures, compound-type and double-type teachers