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Analysis on the Reverse Logistics Model of Cross-border E-commerce under The Belt and Road Initiative, Sharing and Development

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.044


Youcun Shi, Xue Li

Corresponding Author

Youcun Shi


The rise of e-commerce industry speeds up the development of the logistics industry. With the "The Belt and Road" initiative, the community focuses more on the circular economy and cross-border e-commerce, which prompted the emergence of new logistics services model. On the basis of reading much relevant information, this paper mainly studies the choice of cross-border e-commerce reverse logistics mode. First of all, this paper summarizes the purpose and significance of the study, and combs the theoretical basis of reverse logistics under the circular economy model. Then this paper describes the cross-border e-commerce reverse logistics operation mode and the operation of the existing problems. Finally, based on the actual operation of a cross-border electric business enterprises in the background of large logistics, the empirical research is carried out by using the analytic hierarchy process to construct the model.


Cross-border e–commerce, Reverse logistics, Circular economy, Mode of operation.