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The Application of Chinese-English Translation Skills in English Writing

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.033


Li Feifei

Corresponding Author

Li Feifei


English learners' English ability mainly includes four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In daily use, speaking and writing can best reflect the English skills of English users. With the development and progress of the era, more and more attention has been paid to English output ability. However, in the primary stage of education, excessive attention is paid to exams, while the improvement and perfection of English ability is neglected. As a result, many obstacles are found in English output and the progress is slow. Therefore, the teaching of English listening, speaking, reading and writing can be conducted from a new perspective, and the improvement of Chinese-English translation skills is more effective than mechanically reciting words and systematically imitating given writing structures.


Translation skills, English output, Vocabulary, Sentence patterns Mistakes, Cultural image, Diversity