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Construction of enterprise financial data supervision system under the background of financial technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.032


Dai Rui

Corresponding Author

Dai Rui


Scientific and technological progress can drive the development of financial innovation, and increase the operational risk and technical risk of the financial industry, which may lead to the induction of systemic risk, forcing regulators to invest more energy and time to carry out regulatory work. The essence of financial technology is to use Internet information technology to re improve and upgrade the traditional financial business model and services, which has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency in financial transactions. However, due to the constraints of information and data, high supervision cost and asymmetric information, China's financial technology supervision lags behind seriously, and can't match with various financial technology application scenarios, applications and services, resulting in the accumulation and outbreak of financial technology risks. In the long run, China should establish a financial supervision system with unified supervision, division of labor and cooperation and umbrella management.


Financial technology, Financial data, Supervision system