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Analysis of College English Blended Teaching Model Based on Students’ Learning Input

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.031


Hang Dai, Tianyu Zhao

Corresponding Author

Tianyu Zhao


Blended teaching is a kind of teaching mode, which combines internet-based learning with traditional classroom learning, integrates various teaching resources and elements, and realizes complementary advantages. In the information age, teachers are not the only source of information, and the traditional single teaching mode brings problems such as passive learning and low interest in learning. College English course for non English major students, the trend of credit compression and the contradiction between students' high demand for foreign language learning and personalized demand determine that the single classroom teaching can not meet the demand. This paper starts from the "student-centered" education idea, introduces the system of students' learning input, and analyzes the blended teaching mode of college English. This model not only promotes the development of students' language application ability and autonomous learning ability, but also is conducive to the cultivation of innovative talents, which can effectively improve the quality of college English teaching.


Students’ learning input, College English, Blended teaching