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Research on Cost Management of E-commerce Enterprises Based on Value Chain——Taking Suning Tesco as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.026


Chunyi Zhao

Corresponding Author

Chunyi Zhao


The e-commerce industry is developing rapidly nowadays, simultaneously, the competition between e-commerce and traditional retail companies is becoming increasingly fierce as well. Therefore, the competitive advantage of companies isn’t merely decided by the production and manufacturing of internal products, but also relies on analyzing and serving external consumers, and the construction and optimization of the entire industry value chain. As an important part of the value system, cost management is of great significance in the operation and development of related enterprises. This paper takes Suning Tesco, a typical representative of e-commerce industry, as a case, combines relevant national policies and the development trend of e-commerce industry, studies the cost management of its value chain from three aspects: logistics, information flow and capital flow, analyzes the existing deficiencies, and finally proposes optimization countermeasures and guarantee measures.


Value chain, cost management, information flow