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Redesign of Industrial Heritage Space Based on Spatial Experience

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.016


Yilin Xu, Kejia Zhu, Yingxin Wu

Corresponding Author

Yilin Xu


In today's rapid urbanization process, more and more industrial buildings are gradually withdrawing from the historical stage in the evolution of "suppress the second industry and develop the third industry". This work mainly elaborated how the industrial architectural heritage that has been left over and bears the historical memory of the city is integrated into the modern architectural life through redesign and utilization. In order not to cause erosion of industrial architectural heritage and waste of social resources, the design is guided by spatial experience, and the workshop space is redesigned to restore its due architectural vitality. This work mainly analyzed the potential value of modern industrial heritage and how it can be "beneficial renewal" in contemporary urban functions through the investigation of Jing'an Xinye Square, an excellent case of Shanghai industrial heritage renewal, and the research of Minsheng Art Museum, a renewal project.


Industrial heritage, Spatial experience, Architectural reconstruction