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Present Situation and Development of Contemporary Home Office Architecture of SOHO Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.015


Kejia Zhu, Yingxin Wu, Yilin Xu

Corresponding Author

Kejia Zhu


With the rapid development of the economy and the enhancement of traffic convenience, cities are gradually expanding outward, resulting in an increase in commuting distance. Therefore, an increasing number of freelancers choose to work from home gradually, and SOHO architecture is one of the best choices for home office. By analyzing the characteristics of SOHO mode and different types of SOHO, this work concluded the spatial distribution of future home office architecture and the requirements of surrounding supporting facilities. Taking SOHO architecture and space as an example, the prospect was put forward to SOHO or other types of home office architecture in the future.


SOHO, Home office, Contemporary architecture