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Value Orientation and Realization Path of Ecological Poverty Alleviation Based on Green Poverty Reduction Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.013


Yongliang Wang, Yang Jiang, Jing Cai, Nan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yang Jiang


Ecological environment is closely related to poverty alleviation and sustainable development in poverty-stricken areas. Green poverty reduction is different from the traditional concept of poverty alleviation, and has the new characteristics of protection, sustainability, endogenous and sharing. Its essence is to explore the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of poverty-stricken areas on the premise of carrying capacity of resources and environment. China's ecological poverty alleviation is still in the stage of exploration and development, and there are some problems, such as single participants, single realization path, simple development mode, imperfect system and so on. To solve these problems is an important starting point for further promoting ecological poverty alleviation. We should strengthen the top-level design of ecological poverty alleviation, integrate the operation mechanism and mode of ecological poverty alleviation, improve the mechanism of ecological poverty alleviation, and promote the "win-win" of ecological protection and precision poverty relief in less developed areas.


Green poverty reduction, Ecological poverty alleviation, Value orientation, Implementation path