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"Non-grain" Characteristics of Cultivated Land in Taihu Lake Basin - Taking Village D in Jiangsu Province as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.011


Bochuan Zhao, Binyu Xiong, Canfeng Song

Corresponding Author

Bochuan Zhao


Cultivated land is an important basis for food production, and food is also the basis for human survival and development. Therefore, the food problem of 1.4 billion people should be solved from the perspective of cultivated land protection. In the short run, although the "non-grain" behavior of cultivated land can help farmers improve their income, it will pose a certain threat to the national food security in the long run. Taking village D in Jiangsu Province as an example, this work used ArcGIS software to compare the two phases of land data based on the second national land survey data (2009) and land use status data (2018), identified the "non-grain" plot of cultivated land, studied its driving forces, and finally put forward relevant suggestions.


Cultivated land "non-grain", Land transfer, Cultivated land protection, Taihu lake basin