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Design Strategy of Urban Complex Based on Innovation and Sustainability- Taking Beijing Contemporary MOMA, Hong Kong Taikoo Shing And Singapore Interwoven Residences as Examples

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.009


Yingxin Wu, Yilin Xu, Kejia Zhu

Corresponding Author

Yingxin Wu


Facing the current shortage of urban land resources and large population density, the buildings in the urban center area develop towards intensity, three-dimensional integration, and functional combination. On the other hand, the urban residents' choice has entered a diversified era, and more people have begun to choose a comprehensive and convenient way of living. In this context, the urban residential complex, which integrates the functions of residence, office, business, and leisure, has been built in China. In view of the homogenization problem and the need of innovation and sustainability in the current development process, this work, through the comparative analysis of the cases of Beijing contemporary MoMA, Hong Kong taigucheng and Singapore interwoven houses, summarized their characteristics and excellent experience, and then put forward the design strategies of mining regional characteristics and strengthening the three-dimensional connection of functions and green sustainability.


Novel design, Sustainable city, Urban complex, Design strategy