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Design and implementation of Asset Evaluation upgrade Model based on Principal component Analytic hierarchy process

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.007


Yadong Lu, Chen Ai, Shuyu Xie

Corresponding Author

Yadong Lu


With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, the financial industry is facing unavoidable technological subversion, so the asset appraisal industry should also grasp the technological trend and understand in advance the upgrading and development of the asset appraisal industry in the era of artificial intelligence. and do a good job in the business layout in advance in order to be at the front end of the industry in the future. As the basic guarantee of data fusion application, open sharing and transaction circulation, data asset evaluation has become the "lifeline" of data asset value. There is an urgent need for organizations to carry out data asset evaluation in a scientific and compliant manner to support the improvement of the level of data operation and management. This paper introduces the research on data asset evaluation standards, theoretical research results and practical status of relevant organizations at home and abroad, and puts forward a CIME model of data asset evaluation, including evaluation elements and evaluation methods. In order to speed up the process of data flow, the valuation and pricing of data assets are necessary conditions. For this reason, the basic evaluation index and weight of the data asset are calculated scientifically by the fuzzy hierarchical method, and the coefficient of the reference data asset is modified by the market method, and the valuation of the data asset is calculated. Through the establishment of the evaluation index system of asset evaluation risk management, the use of Analytic hierarchy process ((AHP)) to identify risk factors, estimate and evaluate risks, and evaluate the effect of risk management are discussed, to further improve the risk prevention ability of asset evaluation and optimize the quality of asset evaluation.


The asset appraisal, Data assets, Hierarchical method, Industrial upgrading