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Research on Welding Temperature Based on Unsteady Thermal Convection

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.005


Wenbo Li, Yuxin Li, Qiaomu Wang

Corresponding Author

Wenbo Li


How to make reflow soldering furnace each temperature zone to maintain the process required temperature is an important issue in the production of electronic products such as integrated circuit boards. For the portrayal of the temperature variation in the center of the soldering region. First, the heat exchange difference model is established considering Newton's law of cooling, thermal convection heat dissipation theorem and the law of conservation of energy. Secondly, the heat exchange model is discretized, while the second-order forward difference equation is obtained based on the fact that the board processing time lags. After that, according to the third category of heat exchange boundary conditions and the temperature set value of each temperature zone, determine the temperature-time boundary and constraints; finally, through the iterative algorithm based on to time layer by layer solution, to obtain the temperature variation in the time-space dimension and the corresponding furnace temperature curve is inscribed, the midpoint of small temperature zone 3, 6, 7 and the temperature of the center of the welding region at the end of the small temperature zone 8 are: .


Energy conservation, second order differential, furnace temperature curve