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An analysis of the expected marriage and love age and its influencing factors of undergraduate students in Shandong — a case study of Yantai campus of China Agricultural University

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.003


Liang Yan, Xiaoning Tian, Zixi Bian

Corresponding Author

Liang Yan


The correct development concept of college students plays an important role in the construction and development of our country in the future. As an important part of their values, the concept of love and marriage directly affects the marriage status of contemporary youth and even the development and stability of the country in the future decades. This paper analyzes the current situation of College Students' expectation of marriage and love in Yantai University from various perspectives. The influencing factors of College Students' marriage age expectations come from students themselves, families, schools and society. The influencing factors of students themselves are: gender, personal personality, personal psychology, personal preferences, personal planning, etc.; family influencing factors include: family economic level, family education concept, parents' expectation, parents' attitude, whether they are only children, etc.; school influencing factors include Yantai Research Institute of China Agricultural University provides courses and related activities for the education of students' views on marriage and love, ethics, outlook on life, etc.; social factors include: social mainstream ideological trend, traditional marriage concept, foreign cultural impact, peer influence, social activities, etc.


Undergraduate, love and marriage concept, expected age of love and marriage