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Research on the Effectiveness of Art Songs Teaching for Vocal Singing Majors in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.002


Junxia Liu

Corresponding Author

Junxia Liu


After thousands of years of wind and frost, Chinese traditional culture has become a cultural treasure with unique charm. With the promotion and inheritance from generation to generation, excellent traditional culture can be inherited and developed. As a specific music genre, art songs appear in music education, which is the perfect combination of poetry and music. The origin of art songs is Europe, but we transliterate it as "art songs". With the development of society and the rapid development of economy, China's music culture is also a hundred flowers and a hundred schools of thought contend. As one of the important forms of music culture, art songs have finally attracted the attention of the whole people and their status has been promoted. Art songs have not only become a hobby of the masses, but also entered universities. Nowadays, the teaching of art songs in universities has become an indispensable and important part of music education. Vocal music teaching in universities in China has been running through the development of music art in universities, and the long development history of music education in universities provides the basic knowledge foundation for art songs. Vocal music teaching is an important part of aesthetic education, which realizes moral education function through various forms of music expression. With its unique charm, music culture has become a powerful weapon of moral construction project. Music culture not only plays an important role in improving students' ideological and moral character, but also makes students feel the excellent music culture of China in the process of vocal singing training, thus contributing to the promotion and development of China's excellent music culture. This article mainly talks about the importance of art song teaching in college vocal music singing, analyzes the present situation of art song teaching in college vocal music singing, and focuses on the reform and innovation of art song teaching in college vocal music singing.


Vocal singing, Music culture, Art song teaching, Practice mode