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Application of "split class" mode in the teaching of outline of modern Chinese history in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.001


Wang Chao

Corresponding Author

Wang Chao


Split class is a brand-new teaching mode. Its essence lies in dividing the classroom time into two parts, half of which is given to teachers to teach knowledge, and the other half is assigned to students, so as to fully mobilize their subjective initiative and let them learn interactively in the form of discussion. By constructing this flexible teaching mode of "teacher's teaching, students' self-study and discussion in class (after class)", the function and value of education are maximized, which not only effectively teaches knowledge, but also trains students' independent thinking and innovative thinking ability through efficient and independent inquiry. The teaching of the outline of modern history in colleges and universities is a subject that emphasizes liberal arts, and its teaching content is relatively rich, so this mode can be introduced in the actual teaching process. After a brief overview of the concept of "Split class" and its essence, the article analyzes the implementation guarantees required in the actual application process. It is necessary to change the students' inherent role cognition and strengthen the teacher's leading role in the teaching process. , It is necessary to flexibly select teaching content and improve the assessment mechanism. Finally, combined with the teaching content of the Outline of Modern History of Colleges and Universities, the teaching practice of applying Split class to the "Modern Chinese History of Colleges and Universities" is explained.


Split class, Teaching mode, Outline of modern Chinese history, Exploratory learning