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The development dilemma and strategy of private higher education based on the working process

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.115


Cheng Wan

Corresponding Author

Cheng Wan


There are many problems in China's higher education, which greatly restrict its healthy development. The main reasons are the influence of the inertia of the old system, the negative effects of market-oriented reform, and the new challenges of the development of the times. With the continuous development of China's education, private higher education has become an indispensable part of China's higher education. However, in actual development, the characteristic development of higher education encounters multiple institutional dilemmas. This article analyzes the development dilemma and countermeasures of private higher education based on the work process. To achieve the sustainable development of private higher education, it is necessary to further improve and implement relevant laws and regulations, strengthen government investment, build a new school system, pay close attention to school enrollment, and implement equal treatment for teachers and students in private and public education. At present, with the transformation of the economy and the innovation of the private education system, private colleges and universities will surely obtain new development opportunities through differentiation and resource reorganization.


Working process; private higher education; development dilemma; development strategy