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Discussion on innovative teaching method of social humanistic theory from psychological education——Applying the western educational teaching mode to contemporary higher vocational education

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.114


Tang Zhangjie

Corresponding Author

Tang Zhangjie


Educational psychology should pay attention to the psychology of educators in the process of education and the psychology of educatees in the process of learning. The key to the intersection of pedagogy and psychology lies in the application of psychology-related theories to practical education and teaching work, so as to realize the psychological health of both educators in teaching activities. This paper analyzes the experiential and experiential teaching methods and techniques to solve the new goals and problems in the process of education and the combination of teaching and scientific research. Explore the innovative teaching methods of modern information and communication technology and multimedia development, master the development principles of materials for testing education quality, and use them to evaluate education quality.


Educational psychology; Social humanistic theory; Innovation; Higher vocational education; Discussion teaching; Experiential teaching