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Analysis of new domestic consumption trend under internal circulation

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.113


Jinxuan Yang

Corresponding Author

Jinxuan Yang


It is a strategic choice for China's economic development in the new period to lead the new normal with internal economic circulation. At present, although people have different views on the specific connotation of economic internal circulation, it is beyond doubt that economic internal circulation has become a new growth point of China's economy and its influence on residents' consumption behavior. From the perspective of demand, the interaction between internal and external cycles of economic operation is subject to the change of domestic and foreign comprehensive commodity preference of domestic resident units and the change of domestic currency purchasing power in the direction and the change of gross national expenditure in the scale. In this paper, the internal circulation is selected as an analytical perspective to make a brief analysis of its elements, characteristics, problems to be solved and new thinking about its impact on China's economy. It is concluded that the first key point of promoting the internal circulation in China's economic development in the emerging stage is to provide new development guidelines for solving China's new economic development dilemma and meeting the world's unprecedented changes in a century.


Internal circulation; New consumption; trend analysis