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Dynamical Model Research on the Enterprise Open Innovation Based on Six Sigma

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.040


Lijie Feng, Cankun Feng

Corresponding Author

Lijie Feng


With the advance of globalization, enterprise innovation model has become a key to continuously enhancing the innovation ability and maintaining the competitive advantage. China is the largest developing country and the local business innovation awareness is generally awakened in recent years, but its innovation capacity las behind the foreign enterprises. The urgent need is to establish an effective innovation model to enhance innovation performance in response to international competition. In view of the existing problems of the current enterprise innovation model, this paper puts forward the dynamic model of open innovation based on the theory of open innovation and the two concrete implementation processes of Six Sigma managements, so as to provide theoretical support for establishing an effective innovation model and creating efficient innovation environment for indigenous enterprises


Six sigma, Open innovation, Dynamic model, Innovation model.