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Research on Aging Landscape Design of Old Residential Quarters Based on Ecological Values under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.109


Fushuai Feng

Corresponding Author

Fushuai Feng


The aging society is the inevitable result of the development of economy and science and technology level of human society to a certain extent, and it is the inevitable law in the development of human society. A large number of existing old residential areas did not pay attention to the problem of old people's aged care at home, and most residential areas could not meet the needs of old people's aged care at home. Therefore, it is an important direction for the transformation of old urban residential areas. Solving the problems of potential safety hazards, municipal supporting facilities and environmental improvement in old residential areas is the most important thing to improve people's livelihood, beautify the city appearance and create a livable place. At present, there is an urgent need for China to conduct systematic design research on the whole environment of old residential quarters, so as to quickly cope with the increasingly severe aging traffic situation. In this paper, aiming at the green landscape of old residential areas, we mainly analyze from the angle of ecology and aging, find out the difficulties in the renovation of old residential areas, and provide feasible schemes and reasonable suggestions for the landscape space renovation of old urban residential areas.


Old community; landscape space; aging