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Sustainability indicators monitoring system designed for Keppel Land

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.106


Yang Yajing

Corresponding Author

Yang Yajing


Today, enterprises are paying more and more attention to the concept of sustainable development, which includes economic sustainable development, social sustainable development and environmentally sustainable development, only when these three points are met can a truly good, socially responsible and successful business be called. This paper focuses on the environmentally sustainable development of enterprises. One of the main purposes of the establishment and development of enterprises is to make contributions to the better development of the human society under the Contemporary Social Environment of rapid development, however, in doing so, it will sometimes harm the living environment of human beings, consume and destroy the precious natural resources on which human beings depend for survival, and sometimes bring great damage to human body's health. Therefore, in the face of how to create more material wealth for human society under the condition of maintaining the sustainable development of the environment, this paper has made a series of research and exploration. In this study, firstly, the meaning of sustainable development, sustainable monitoring systems and indicators of sustainability were thoroughly reviewed. Then, taking the real estate enterprises that have a great impact on the environment as an example, Keppel Land, a well-known Singapore multinational company in the world, was selected in the study to design a series of environmental sustainability monitoring indicators, and each indicator was analyzed in detail, so as to provide a certain direction of help for the enterprise's more sustainable development in the future.


Sustainable development; sustainable monitoring systems; indicators of sustainable development; corporate social responsibility; sustainable development of enterprise environment dimension