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Study of bilateral simultaneous cementless total hip arthroplasty in ankylose spondylitis

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DOI: 10.25236/bmmss.2021.021


Chen Pengyu

Corresponding Author

Chen Pengyu


Objective: to investigate the therapeutic effect of ankylosing spondylitis(AS) bilateral total hip arthroplasty(THA). Methods: A total of 15 patients (28 hips) with ankylosing spondylitis were followed up. A comparative study was conducted on the improvement of joint pain, range of motion, deformity correction, loosening and overall function of patients before and after operation. The clinical follow-up was scored and compared according to Harris system. Results: There was no pain in 22 hips, mild pain in 5 thighs and pain in 1 hip, but no medication was needed. Only 2 hips had obvious thigh pain, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken frequently. Postoperatively, the range of motion of the hip was significantly improved, and the total range of motion of flexion, extension, adduction and abduction, and internal and external rotation of the hip was increased from the preoperative average of 30.8° (0°–95°) to the postoperative average. The postoperative X-ray films showed that no ossification occurred in any position in all patients, and no deep vein thrombosis occurred in all patients. No loosening or shift occurred during the X-ray examination. The mean anterior inclination of the prosthesis was 16.08±6.71 and the mean abduction angle was 40.07±10.122. Fifteen patients were followed up at 3 months, half a year, and 1 year after operation, with an average follow-up period of 15.5 months (12–24 months). The Harris score, VAS score, and the range of motion of the joints were significantly improved three months, half a year, and one year after the operation, and there were statistical differences. Conclusion: Bilateral simultaneous uncemented THA for the treatment of AS complicated with hip joint lesion has significant clinical efficacy, in that it can significantly relieve pain, reconstruct joint function, and improve quality of life.


Ankylosing spondylitis; Bilateral synchronization; Total hip arthroplasty