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Application value of disposable anesthesia needle in amniocentesis during pregnancy

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DOI: 10.25236/bmmss.2021.015


Xuan Zhao, Qian Zhang, Wenqi Chen, Jianglei Xu, Xiaohuan Yang, Xue Song, Cun Liu

Corresponding Author

Cun Liu


To compare the short-term outcomes of two different types of amniocentesis neddle under the guidance of B-ultrasound. An analysis of 72 cases of ultrasound-guided amniocentesis performed in the second trimester using disposable anesthesia-needles and conventional 22G-puncture-needles.70 amniocenteses in total were observed. No cases was considered as surgey-related fetal loss. There was no significant difference in procedure time, sampling time and puncture time. Amniocentesis using a disposable anesthesia needle seems to be a safe method, which deserves further research and promotion.


Amniocentesis; Perinatal outcome; Complication; needle type; Ultrasound