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Cultivation of aesthetic feeling in juvenile gymnastics teaching and training under the background of new curriculum standard

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.040



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Aesthetic feeling is a kind of emotion when people come into contact with beautiful things, a pleasing psychological state, and an understanding, appreciation and evaluation of beauty. Aesthetic feeling is the essential feature of all arts. Different from other arts, it is embodied in the beauty of body and posture, music and dance, overall coordination, imagination and innovation, smooth rhythm and artistic expression in juvenile gymnastics. The continuous development of juvenile gymnastics just meets the quality education advocated by our country, and juvenile gymnastics can also cultivate juvenile body shape. Gymnastics teaching for teenagers under the background of new curriculum standard is an important aspect of modern physical education, and it is an indispensable content to cultivate teenagers' ability to feel and express beauty. In order to improve the aesthetic expression of teenagers, combine teaching theory and practice, and improve the teaching quality of teenagers' gymnastics, this paper discusses the strategies of improving the aesthetic expression of teenagers in teenagers' gymnastics teaching.


Teenagers, Gymnastics teaching, Training methods, Aesthetic feeling