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Analysis of Urban Environmental Art Design Techniques Based on Practical Aestheticism

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.039


Chang LIU

Corresponding Author

Chang LIU


With the progress of society and the acceleration of urbanization, people pay more and more attention to environmental art design in modern urban construction. City is the product of the development of human society, economy and culture, and it is also the most complex type in the ecosystem. Reasonable planning and design can provide more comfortable living environment and living space for human beings, guide people's behavior purposefully and consciously, make people live in harmony with nature, improve human living environment and effectively improve people's quality of life. Environmental art design aims at planning and designing the indoor and outdoor environment through artistic design of space. Starting from the present situation of modern city construction, this paper analyzes the development status of modernization construction based on practical aestheticism, integrates new values, and puts forward innovative ways of urban environmental art design techniques to further enhance the artistic level of urban construction in China.


Environmental art, urban construction, design techniques