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Thinking-based Graphic Design and Localization and Reconstruction of Its Design Elements

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.031


Hanwen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hanwen Zhang


With the rapid development of social economy, the trend of global economic integration is more obvious. More and more countries begin to pay attention to their own culture and history, and more and more begin to integrate the elements with national characteristics into graphic design. Graphic design, as a kind of creative thinking activity, should take creative thinking as the foundation, take creativity as the development platform, and combine with reality, seek a new thinking creation mode, break the traditional single situation, and open up a more comprehensive thinking creation environment for modern graphic design. As a key topic in various fields of society, localized design has gradually penetrated into the field of graphic design art, making the art displayed in graphic design more localized. Therefore, this paper will focus on exploring the localization and re-creation of design and design elements.


Creative thinking, Native elements, Graphic design, Penetration, Reconstruction