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Analysis of Artistic Design Features of Chinese Folk Patterns Based on Immersive Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.030


Yawei Yu, Jie XIANG

Corresponding Author



Chinese folk pattern art has a long history, profound cultural background and strong local cultural color, which is an important content in the study of Chinese traditional culture. Folk patterns are all kinds of patterns on people's daily necessities in history, and are an art produced and appreciated by folk producers of various nationalities. Pattern art is both an aesthetic and creative ideology and an aesthetic and creative production form. Based on immersion communication, this paper talks about the artistic features of Chinese traditional folk patterns, and analyzes the decorative art forms and ideological connotations of these traditional patterns. Explore the innovative ideas of its development and inheritance, and better serve today's education and teaching and human society.


Immersive communication, Chinese folk patterns, Design features