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Linear and logical analysis of film narrative structure under digital media

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.027



Corresponding Author



In the current era of digital media technology development, the development of movies has moved towards a diversified period. For traditional movies, great changes have taken place in both narrative structure and narrative perspective. Film is the art of narrative, and its narrative structure is the arrangement and combination of audio-visual, time-space and other elements in the film. In the narrative structure of contemporary movies, it is changing from linear structure dominated by time to flat structure dominated by space. Based on the theory of narratology and through the analysis of film works, this paper discusses the linear and nonlinear narrative structure of film narrative structure, and further studies the linear and nonlinear logic of film narrative, providing theoretical basis for linear and nonlinear narrative of film.


Digital media, Narrative structure of film, Linearity, Nonlinearity, Logicality