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Loss of Meaning in C-e Translation And the Subjectivity of the Original Text

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.016


Zhang Yu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yu


Loss of meaning in Chinese-English translation is frequently seen and can be attributed to superfluous and repetitive information in Chinese and the lack of original text-centered awareness. A thin understanding on the linguistic features of original text and improper exercising of power endowed by the author and original text will both result in loss of meaning in target text, and the latter issue has been elucidated in The Translator's Invisibility written by Lawrence Venuti. A translator should not view it commonplace, instead, to probe into the cause and adopt countermeasures is the right formula. This paper manages to have an explication of the causes for loss of meaning in C-E translation and proposes corresponding steps to ameliorate the present situation.


Loss of meaning, Subjectivity of original text, Linguistic features