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Research on the Application of Folk Art Symbols on Modern Design

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.014


Zeping Huang

Corresponding Author

Zeping Huang


Semiotics and art are essentially related. Not only language, but also rituals and customs can form a specific symbol system through transformation and reconstruction, creating more possibilities in a new context. Folk art symbols are a special form of recording folk life. It can even be said to be the life situation itself. Whether it is toys, dance equipment, or paper-cutting, all have practical, symbolic and aesthetic functions. A comprehensive and overall connotation value appears in the process context. With the continuous development of my country’s design field, my country’s graphic design is becoming more and more internationalized and standardized. However, the collision of modern culture and traditional culture can also inspire brilliant sparks. Therefore, excellent traditional folk art is incorporated into graphic design. It can reflect the unique design style and give people a richer aesthetic experience. The article mainly discusses the application of folk art symbols in modern design.


Modern design, Folk art symbols, Graphic design