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The Application of Contemporary Humanistic Spirit on the Design of Modern Household Products

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.012


Kuangwei Sha

Corresponding Author

Kuangwei Sha


Fully understand the connotation of the humanistic spirit and study the application of contemporary humanistic spirit in the design of modern household products. Based on the principles of ergonomics and design psychology, the researches are conducted separately through the flexible combination of home design, color design, material design and home furnishing products, and then summarize. The spirit of contemporary humanism in the design of home furnishing products can achieve diversified designs through flexible and variable shapes, colors that meet the needs of different groups of people, and materials with moderately rich texture and softness, which can bring spiritual satisfaction to people with different needs and improve their lives. quality. The design of modern home furnishing products should be based on people, satisfying people's behavioral activities and emotional experience. The designer is required to fully consider the user's psychological and physical characteristics. Satisfying the principles of ergonomics, comprehensively considering people, environment and home, and adhering to the “people-oriented” philosophy, can play a certain role in promoting the progress of home design and living space design.


Humanistic spirit, Modern, Household products, Application