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Interpretation of Haruki Murakami and His Masterpiece “Norway's Forest”

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.004


Jian Tao

Corresponding Author

Jian Tao


Haruki Murakami is an influential new writer in contemporary Japan. His writing style is deeply influenced by European and American writers, “A distinctive feature of the works of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami is that although it specifically describes the stage of Japanese society, it reads more like an American novel. Compared with Japanese literature, he is more devoted to American literature. Among the many American writers. He most admired Scott Fitzgerald.... It can be said that Haruki Murakami is the contemporary Fitzgerald. and he is known as the literary standard bearer of Japan in the 1980s. Haruki Murakami's novel masterpiece “Norwegian Forest”is a successful postmodern realist work with the greatest impact on the theme of the anxiety of the mourning spirit and the watcher of the spiritual home. With keen insight and rich imagination, the writer interprets, develops and extends the special space of the character's thoughts to a height that is unattainable by others. Since its publication in 1987, this novel has been widely acclaimed. It not only caused a great sensation among readers, but even appeared “Murakami Haruki Phenomenon” and “Norwegian Forest Phenomenon”. The emergence of Murakami Haruki represents a new trend in the Japanese literary world today, and has brought vitality and strong shock to the literary world.


Haruki murakami, “ norway's forest “, Masterpiece, Interpretation