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The Countermeasure Research of Sustainable Development in the Fuxian Lake Basin

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2021.002


Qingjuan Meng, Guangzhou Zhao, Yong Tang, Yuanlin Hu, Jie Li, Hongzhe Zhang, Zhifang Chen, Junjie Li, Zhenhua Song, Hailong Wang, Youlin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Qingjuan Meng


The sustainable development of the Fuxian Lake Basin aims to maintain the sound and sustainable development of mountains, rivers, forests, croplands, lakes, and grasses in the basin and to coordinate the relationship of society, economy, environment, production, life, and ecological water utilization so that social economy in the basin can adapt to the carrying capacity of water resource environment to determine needs and development with rivers. Development is conducting in protection while protection is implementing in development, so as to strongly develop the circular economy. On the basis of the water environmental transition in the Fuxian Lake, this thesis analyzed the developmental status and existing problems of the Fuxian Lake Basin and put forward countermeasures from four aspects including ecological development, economic development, social development, and scientific development, hoping to provide theoretical support and practical experience of the sustainable development research for plateau lakes.


The Countermeasure, Research of Sustainable Development, Fuxian Lake