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Talent Training Mode Reform Based on the "Specialty Plus Smart Transportation" in Transportation Specialties

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.095


Yunbing Yan, Xumei Zhang, Jianzhong Guo, Xiaohong Zhu, Chao DENG, Zhiqing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yunbing Yan


Focusing on the development needs of the smart transportation emerging industry, the "Specialty Plus Smart Transportation" talent training mode is put forward in the transportation specialties. The emerging engineering talent training objective and its curriculum system based on integration of general and special courses and "Three Stages and Six Platforms" have been constructed. The students' ability to solve complex engineering problems in the field of smart transportation has been extremely trained with the help of the teaching system, and the students' adaptability to the development of the smart transportation industry has been improved. The reform has achieved remarkable results in the reform and practice of training mode.


"Specialty Plus Smart Transportation"; Emerging Engineering Education; Training Mode; Transportation Specialties