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The Theoretical Basis, Social Context and Practical Path of Mass Media Participation in Social Governance in China

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.093


Huiying Chen

Corresponding Author

Huiying Chen


At present, china is still in an important transitional period of economic and social development. Creating a social governance pattern of co-governance, joint construction and sharing is an important decision made by the Party Central Committee in the new era to solve the contradictions and difficulties that arise during the transition period and improve social management strategies. . The media is becoming one of the multiple subjects of social governance is determined by the inherent attributes of the media's role, and it is also the direction of governance theory. This article combs the theoretical basis, social context and practical path of my country's mass media participation in social governance, and aims to lay a foundation for further exploring the construction of the mass media social governance system and improving social governance capabilities.


Mass media; social governance; china; practical Path