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An Analysis of the Guiding Strategies of Network Public Opinion in the Post-truth Era

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.092


Min Zhang, Fei Li

Corresponding Author

Min Zhang


At present, due to the emotional convergence of the masses, the media's neglect of bottom-line responsibility, and the malformation of the network environment, it has entered a post-truth era in which emotions precede the truth. This has brought online public opinion guidance including government work philosophy deviations and slower speed of information clarification. A series of issues such as the speed of transmission and the greater sentiment of the masses than reason. Therefore, several methods have been proposed to find the crux of public opinion from the source, analyze and channel netizens’ emotions, the government balances the authenticity and timeliness of public opinion events, and change the way of discourse, in order to better guide online public opinion and maintain social stability.


Post-truth era; network public opinion; guidance