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Glimpses of Historic Urban Landscapes (HULs) Strategies: Preservation Framework and Practice of Shophouse Townscape in Taiwan, China

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.090


ShiHua Wang, YingYong Zhao

Corresponding Author

ShiHua Wang


It is widely recognized that conditions in many historic blocks in the Asian region have rapidly declined for the majority of the population, over commercial development, supposedly homogenizing processes of modernization and globalization. This study endeavors to analyze the HUL conservation work concerning shophouse blocks and overall townscape in Taiwan under the timeline, examined the preservation framework, legal framework, policies and methods in Taiwan. It is motivated by a desire to understand what is the current HUL strategy in the conservation process of built heritage (shophouse) or townscape in Taiwan and how much efforts have done regarding the townscape.


Shophouse Blocks; Townscape; HUL; Preservation; Built Heritage