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Landscape Protection of Local Architectural Heritage in Liaoshen Area Based on Digital Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.085


Yaoning Yan

Corresponding Author

Yaoning Yan


The protection of cultural landscape mainly consists of two parts: historical landscape protection management and restoration and natural ecological protection management and maintenance. The protection based on heritage site is a kind of dynamic heritage protection, and it is the protection in the development of the place where the heritage depends. Under the premise of the continuous development of social economy, digital technology has been widely used in the protection of local buildings, and has played a more and more key role. Using modern information technology to study and protect vernacular architecture can provide important information data for the research and excavation of Chinese historical and cultural heritage, and can also formulate and implement better protection measures for vernacular architecture. Based on this, this paper makes an in-depth analysis of the application of digital technology in landscape protection of local architectural heritage in Liaoshen area from various angles and levels.


Digital technology; Liaoshen area; Local architecture; Landscape protection