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Research on Rural Landscape Planning and Design Based on Ecological Aesthetics under the Background of "Beautiful Countryside"

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.084


Peng WU

Corresponding Author

Peng WU


The construction of new countryside is a huge and complex systematic project, and the planning and design of architecture and landscape is a crucial link. Correct planning and construction is the material basis to ensure the good ecology and social harmony of new countryside. The deterioration of human living environment has prompted people to wake up and reflect, so ecological problems have become a concern and research issue for all mankind. The construction of beautiful countryside is the continuation and development of new rural construction and the foundation of "Beautiful China". With the acceleration of urban construction, people often neglect rural construction, and Chinese villages are facing marginalization and hollowing out. Exploring the method of building and landscape planning and construction in new countryside under the concept of ecological aesthetics has theoretical value of discipline construction and positive practical guiding significance for actual construction. This paper discusses the rural landscape construction from the value level of ecological aesthetics, and analyzes the rural landscape planning and design method based on ecological aesthetics under the background of "beautiful countryside" construction.


Rural landscape; ecological aesthetics; planning and design