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The Organic Combination Of Artificial Light And Natural Light In The Design Of The Museum — A Case Study Of Chongqing Natural History Museum

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DOI: 10.25236/emss.2021.083


Yiru Wang, Yong Liu

Corresponding Author

Yiru Wang


Museums have very strict technical requirements for lighting design, and the research and application of visitors' vision is conducive to improving the lighting quality of the museum. The Capital Museum, the National Museum of China and the Chongqing Museum of Natural History have provided us with a practical foundation in the use of natural light and exhibit lighting. Natural light and artificial lighting are organically combined in the museum. With the support of current technology, the museum creates a space atmosphere full of vitality and vitality, which is conducive to the transmission of display information. One of the most important aspects of museum display design is the design of museum light environment. With the development of society, economy and other aspects, the understanding of light environment in domestic museum exhibits is constantly changing. At present, the museum industry is developing rapidly. This paper makes a scientific summary of the theories, concepts, technologies and methods of shaping the light environment. By discussing the current situation, development and future of the light environment, it is hoped to bring visitors a comfortable and bringing feeling of museum light environment experience.


The museum; natural light; lighting design